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August 30, 2017

Update for the Encon Office in Houston, Texas


Our thoughts are with everyone affected by Hurricane Harvey in Houston, and southeast and east Texas.


The Encon office is open for business. We have a reduced staff, but are taking orders and are proceeding with engineering and construction of new work. It is likely there will be some shipping delays due to flooded roadways or delays by shipping carriers. Please contact your Encon representative or call Customer Service for more details.


Please bear with us as we work as quickly as possible to get back to normal operation.

February 10, 2017

Esperamos verlos en la feria Expo Seguridad Industrial que se llevara a cabo en la Ciudad de Mexico, en el Centro Citibanamex los días 14 al 16 de marzo. Los invitamos a visitarnos en nuestro stand #515 para que vea nuestros nuevos modelos de lentes de seguridad Veratti® Scudo™ y Veratti® Primo™. Además tendremos en exhibición de nuestra regadera de emergencialavaojos de gravedad y nuestra línea de arco eléctrico. Lo esperamos.


We look forward to seeing you at the EXPO Seguridad Industrial show in Mexico City. Hosted at the Citibanamex Center, visit Encon® at booth #515 from March 14th–16th. Here you will be able to see our newest eyewear, the Veratti® Scudo™ and Veratti® Primo™ safety spectacles. In addition, we will have Gravity Fed Eyewash, Emergency Combination Showers and Arc Flash Clothing.


August 24, 2015

Encon Safety Products introduces a new member to the AWARENESS® family of emergency shower and eyewash signs

Encon® is proud to announce a new sign for it’s line of emergency showers and eyewash products. The AWARENESS 100™ sign is an enhanced evolution in design for Encon Safety Products. Visibility and accessibility of emergency shower and eyewash equipment is a critical component for a successful employee safety program, as well as a requirement from OSHA.


AWARENESS 100™ is designed with a smaller foot print to fit most new and existing shower configurations and perfect for single-person installations using snap-on plastic rivets. It is made of the same durable corrosion-resistant ABS plastic as our time-tested AWARENESS® signs for years of Indoor and Outdoor applications.


AWARENESS 100™ is available in high-visibility Yellow, Green or Orange UV resistant colors, plus a reflective strip for increased visibility and the 3-Dimensional triangular shape allows for pipe or wall-mount installation options.


AWARENESS 100™ utilizes universally recognized shower and eyewash icons to help bridge language barriers in multi-ethnic work environments. To find a distributor in your area, visit the following link:  or send us a message via the Contact Us page on our website.


Click here for the product page.


Encon Safety Products, located in Houston, Texas, is a global manufacturer and leader of Emergency Shower & Eyewash Equipment, Safety Storage Solutions, Arc Flash Protection, and Personal Protection Equipment. For over 50 years Encon® has been a highly respected leader in reliable and innovative products to protect people and provide emergency personal treatment.

March 04, 2014

Encon suggests that the models listed below sold prior to March 1, 2013 be fitted with vinyl fork caps.



AQ100 - Aquarion® Self-contained Eye Wash

AQ100H130 - Aquarion® Heated Self-contained Eye Wash 120 VAC, C1D2 Gp. BCD - 30°C



A retrofit kit including four (4) round vinyl caps is included with each order of Aquarion® replacement cartridges (AQ110 and AQ120). Instructions provided with the kit will show how to install the caps on the metal fork prongs. Otherwise, upon request Encon Safety Products will ship vinyl caps with instructions.


Please call Encon Safety Products Customer Service Representatives at 1-800-283-6266 to place your request for vinyl caps.



To verify if the unit should be retrofitted with vinyl caps, check the fork color.  It is suggested that yellow or black forks be retrofitted with caps.  Cap color has no relevance.

February 04, 2014

Encon has determined that the original 125 psi pressure relief valve on the models listed below that were sold from August 1, 2012 to January 13, 2014, should be replaced with a new 110 psi pressure relief valve.



01103002 – 13 gal, socket mount for eye & body drenching

01103004 – 13 gal, heated, socket mount eye & body drenching, 120 VAC

01103005 – 13 gal, heated, socket mount eye & body drenching, 12 VDC

01103006 – 13 gal, heated, socket mount eye & body drenching, C1D2GpCD-120 VAC

01103007 – 13 gal, fixed eyewash

01104002 – 13 gal, eyewash and drench hose

01101002 – 13 gal, drench hose

01102002 – 13 gal, socket mount drench hose

01102004 – 13 gal, heated, socket mount drench hose, 120VAC



The new ASME tanks are rated for 119 psi. The shipped relief valves are set for 125 psi.



Upon request, Encon Safety Products will ship a replacement valve that opens at 110 psi. Included instructions will show how to remove the old valve and replace it with the new one.



To verify if the unit has the 125 psi relief valve, check the max working pressure (MAWP) stamp located near the bottom of the tank.















If there is an ASME stamp or the max working pressure is 119 psi, the relief valve will need to be replaced.

On heated units, the insulation on the base will need to be peeled back to see the stamp.


Please call Encon Safety Products Customer Service Representatives at 1-800-283-6266 to place your request for a new relief valve.


January 22, 2014

Encon Safety Products Announces a New Product Manager

Shannon Harper is promoted to Emergency Shower and Eye Wash Product Manager

Shannon HarperEncon Safety Products is pleased to announce that Shannon Harper has accepted the position of Product Manager, Emergency Shower and Eye Wash Products. Shannon will commence working at this position immediately.


A graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from A&M University in Prairie View, Texas, Shannon has focused on Encon’s tempered water systems, freeze protected eyewash and shower projects over the past five years. Shannon also has practical laboratory experience as well as business analyst experience with an energy related organization here in Houston, prior to joining Encon.


Shannon is excited with the prospect of taking on the responsibility of managing Encon’s development of the shower and eyewash line as well as the storage wall case product. We think that this is an excellent step for Shannon and a very positive move for Encon Safety Products.


About Encon®

Encon Safety Products is a global manufacturer and leader of Emergency Shower & Eyewash Equipment, Safety Storage Solutions, Arc Flash Protection, and Personal Protection Equipment.

For 50 years Encon® has been a highly respected leader in reliable and innovative products to protect people and provide emergency personal treatment. Encon® is Certified to the ISO 9001:2008 Standard and is located in Houston, Texas.


Encon®, Therma-Flow®, Saf-T-Flo® and Arctic® are registered trademarks of Encon Safety Products, Inc.


August 24, 2012

Guard-Dogs® Aggressive Eyewear Environmental Solutions

Protecting users from environmental threats in the workplace, or at home and play, is our number one goal.  Safety Professionals and Company Safety Leaders have a great amount of responsibility when recommending specific safety eyewear.  Employees have long thought of eye protection usage as an inconvenient mandate and only after an accident occurs are the benefits of wearing the appropriate protection taken fully into consideration. While the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that nearly 60% of workers injured reported are not wearing eye protection at the time of the accident, the other 40% of those injured were wearing some form of eye protection the time the accident occurred.  Performing a thorough analysis of the workplace for environmental threats becomes of outmost importance, ensuring every risk is considered and analyzed. Every risk, no matter how small the probability, should be treated with equal importance. Guard-Dogs® Aggressive Eyewear offers solutions tailored to the environmental threats encountered.  These solutions are beyond compliance to the standards set by the American National Standards Institute ANSI Z87.1-2010.

To facilitate choosing the most appropriate protective eyewear given the environmental threats in any specific area, we have created easy to understand environmental labels that assist Safety Professionals in matching the threat with the protection features.


Encon has established these Protection levels as a visual aid to quickly find a solution for each Environment condition in order to utilize the appropriate Guard Dog® eyewear.  By following this simple guide, the user can ensure that the best model is match with the opposing threat.

Follow the link for additional information on Guard-Dogs® Aggressive Eyewear from Encon Safety Products:

With over 45 years experience in the manufacturing of quality safety and protective equipment, Encon Safety Products is a highly respected leader in reliable and innovative products to protect people and provide emergency personal treatment. Encon® is Certified to the ISO 9001:2008 Standard.

Guard-Dogs, Aggressive Eyewear® is a registered trademark of ABBS Vision Systems, Ventura, California.  

August 15, 2012

SCBA Wall Cases

submitted by Greg Miley, Encon's Midwest Regional Sales Manager

Does your work environment require having Emergency SCBA equipment? Are you concerned with readiness issues in case of an emergency? In locations where corrosive atmospheres are present, protection of vital emergency equipment is mission critical. Dust, particulates, corrosive vapors, and ultraviolet radiation are just a few of the environmental hazards that can prevent proper function of your equipment. Encon Safety Products offers SCBA equipment storage cases with the following features:

  • Molded plastic construction using chemical resistant ABS structural foam.
  • Bulb rubber gasket for a virtually air tight seal.
  • Three interlocking hinges for uniform support and reduction of door deflection.
  • Optional large viewing window to provide for SCBA Air Gauge Viewer.
  • Internal dual latch to ensure door seal.
  • Quarter turn handle for quick and easy access.
  • ABS notched storage shelf for mask/hose attachment.
  • Heating capability if specified.
  • Choice of fully adjustable steel bracket or ballistic nylon and Velcro strap retaining systems.
  • High visibility black graphics on several color choices including high visibility yellow.
  • Multiple shelving options.
  • Compatible with most available SCBA equipment.
  • Dual SCBA Case, Escape Respirator, and other custom models also available.

For a “no compromise” equipment storage solution for your SCBA, Fire Extinguisher, Utility Respirator, or any other sensitive equipment, you can depend on Encon Safety Products. For additional details, all Encon products may be viewed at and Customer Service is available at 1-800-283-6266. 


August 03, 2012

Tempered Water Systems for Emergency Safety Showers and Eyewashes

submitted by Greg Miley, Encon's Midwest Regional Sales Manager


In 2009, the International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA) published the revised standard (Z358.1-2009) for Emergency Eyewash and Shower Equipment to incorporate a delivery of tepid potable water at a temperature range of between 60 -100 degrees F°. Many companies have expressed increased concerns regarding their ability to provide adequate emergency treatment for worker exposure to hazardous material splash and/or spray. Safety industry and medical experts agree that victims of these incidents should receive immediate flushing of the exposed area with potable water from an emergency shower and/or eyewash to eliminate or at least minimize the effects of the hazardous material. By mandating this temperature range, the worker is protected from possible hypothermia on the lower end of the range and possible eye or skin tissue damage on the upper end.  Tempered water delivery systems must also comply with all other components of the standard such as minimum flow rates of 20 GPM for the shower and .4 GPM for the eyewash and a flushing duration of 15 minutes or more.


Numerous types of tempered water systems are available but it is critical to choose engineered solutions that are cost effective and designed to deliver the required compliance standards taking into consideration multiple factors such as available potable water sources, electrical classifications, space restrictions and extreme thermal protection issues. Additionally, systems may be designed to provide tempered water to multiple shower/eyewash locations to optimize the required capital investment.


Encon Safety Products offers an extensive range of tempered water products as well as engineering expertise to assist customers in implementing the most efficient system possible based on the unique facility requirements at each site. The Encon engineering staff will use customer site specifications to recommend either a facility wide solution or one that addresses a need in a single operating area. While Encon tempered water solutions vary with site requirements, the central element is the patented Saf-T-Flo® blending system that is used exclusively to manage tempered water delivery. Unlike many products that have been designed for multiple tempered water applications in both home and industrial settings, the Saf-T-Flo® system was developed strictly for emergency shower and eyewash usage. The system blends existing hot and cold water supplies to a pre-set, non-adjustable, usable and safe temperature of 85 degrees F°. It is electrically controlled and has multiple fail safe features such as a factory preset thermostat and a normally closed hot water solenoid that cannot fail to hot water. Response to any upset condition is virtually instantaneous because of electrical rather than pressure dependent controls and sensors found on many competitive mixing valves. 


There has been much discussion in recent months of the use of instantaneous water heaters for emergency shower and/or eyewash use. There are competitor products available for individual or multiple units that use plant supplied steam to heat the water but both the steam and water pressure must meet very strict tolerances while maintaining a consistent and safe temperature range. These solutions can be quite challenging and should only be considered where steam supply is very reliable, and are more commonly used where several appliances are serviced on a recirculating loop.  Other instantaneous systems available in the marketplace are similar to those being used for residential applications, which are devices electrically powered and heat the incoming cold water supply for delivery to the shower and/or eyewash appliances. However, because of the high amperage draw needed to heat the high volume of water required, the available wiring may well have to be upgraded to accommodate this increased load level when the appliance is in operation; Thus, with continual use, the required electrical power may prove to be very costly.


In addition to the Saf-T-Flo® blending system, Encon Safety Products can provide both plumbed and stand alone (air driven) tempered water systems on either open skids or in freeze protected enclosures for outdoor applications. Systems typically utilize a hot water tank, the Saf-T-Flo® blending system, a shower/eyewash appliance and options such as freeze protected enclosures and alarm systems. In situations where needed, booster pumps and/or re-circulating pumps will be added to the design. Tempered water product details may be viewed on the Encon web site at  Encon Safety Regional Sales Managers also provide site surveys and work closely with engineering, safety, and purchasing personnel to develop solutions appropriate for specific customer applications.


Contacts for your Regional Sales Manager may be found on the web site or Customer Service may be contacted at 1-800-283-6266.


May 22, 2012


Maintenance Tip #1

submitted by Jerry Strekal, Encon's Northeast Regional Sales Manager


scald and freeze valves

“The freeze valve and scald valve on my freeze protected shower continually drip.”


The best way to attempt to correct the problem is to turn off the water supply to the shower and unscrew the valves. Place the freeze valve in ice water in order for it to open. Next, screw on an air hose to blow out any debris. Now, place the freeze valve in warm water so it closes. Making sure that it operates correctly, replace back on the shower.


Conversely with the scald valve, place it in hot water for it to open and again screw on an air hose to blow out any debris. Next place it in cold water for it to close and screw it back into your shower.


Remember your freeze/scald valves are set up like a faucet, freeze on the right and scald on the left as you are facing the shower. Maintenance is required annually for these valves.

Need more help? Go and fill out this form:
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March 07, 2012

The difference between MIL spec and ANSI Z87

Ballistic standards for eyewear go beyond the industrial safety eyewear standards. They are meant to protect our military against projectiles that travel at higher speeds than industry debris. Ballistic impact tests are more than 4x the velocity of ANSI high impact tests. In order to meet the MIL-PRF-31013 standard, eyewear must pass Vo test using a 0.15 caliber, 5.8 grain, T37 shaped projectile at a velocity of 640-660 feet per second. Check out our eyewear that meets these rigorous tests. MIL-PRF-31013 safety eyewear.

March 01, 2012

Defog your lenses with Veratti® Fog Fixer® products

Fogged lenses in the workplace can be a serious safety hazard. Many times employees will remove their eyewear for long periods of time due to fogging issues. Encon has you covered with our two new Fog Fixer® products.  They work in extreme environments and also keep your lenses fog free for up to 24 hours.  You can choose from a convenient one use disposable wipe or reusable (up to 60 applications) dry cloth.  Both provide superior anti-fog protection.

Check out the Fog Fixer® products on our website.