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Tempered Water Systems

Steam Driven-TWS

Model Number: On Application - 3

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Tempered Water Systems

Encon® is well known as the leader in Tempered Water Systems World-Wide.  They provide water at temperature and flow levels consistent with or beyond current industry standards.  Our tempered water systems generate water at a useable temperature for the full 15 minutes and at levels sufficient to provide irrigation to affected tissue areas for the full treatment period.

Encon's tempered water systems provide usable water immediately in an emergency where time delays in receiving proper irrigation for hazardous materials exposure increases the severity of the trauma.  We have heater and pipe size options that are able to supply multiple showers and eyewashes simultaneously, and all of our tempered water systems , when located in a reasonable proximity to possible worker exposure, provide an environment conducive to quick and proper length of treatment.

Steam Driven-TWS

Steam Driven Tempered Water System

Provides tempered water simultaneously to one or multiple operating showers and eyewash stations.

CSA (LR838318) approved as complete assemblies with FM, UL, and CSA approved components.

Offer lowest per shower operating cost for multiple or simultaneous operation directly to or by re-circulating tempered water through to showers on loop

Available for both indoor and outdoor applications


  • Potable water at adequate volume
  • Application steam
  • Electrical power


  • Certifications: CSA, FM, UL
  • Mounting Options: Arctic Enclosure, Skid Mount
  • Primary Power Source: Electrical, Steam