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Arc Flash Gloves

Protective Glove Bag, 11", Nylon, Ventilated, Hanging Clip

Model Number: CLGR00003

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Arc Flash Gloves

Encon® offers a full line of Novax™ electrician's gloves. Novax™ rubber insulating gloves are offered in 6 different voltage classes and in different sizes and colors. Our gloves have an ergonomic design to inrease comfort and dexterity and to minimize fatigue. Top grain leather protectors are also available to offer total hand protection during all electrical jobs. Our gloves are available individually, or in kits witha carry bag for easy selection.


Gloves available by special order only.

Protective Glove Bag, 11", Nylon, Ventilated, Hanging Clip

Protective Glove Bags are available in 3 models, fitting gloves from 11" to 18" in lenght:

CLGR00003 - Protects gloves up to 11" in length

CLGR00004 - Protects gloves up to 14" in length

CLGR00005 - Protects gloves up to 18" in length

  • Glove Class: 0, 00, 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Glove Length: 11", 14", 18"